Welcome to Ana Porgras Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Ana. Ana won the Gold Medal in the Balance Beam Finals at the 2010 World Championship! She also is the gold medalist on the Balance Beam and Silver medalist on the Uneven Bars at the Gent World Cup. One week later, Ana was the absolute champion of the All Around competition at the Romanian National Championship, and won Gold on the Balance Beam, and Bronze on the Floor. Check around this website to learn more about Ana!

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Some videos and pictures from Tokyo

PHOTO: romgym.ro (2.10.2011, 2nd training)

Today the girls had their first official training on podium, which has gone quite good so far, the girls need to get used with the equipment and I hope everything will be ready until the contest starts.

Octavian Bellu for Gymnastics Examiner:

"I think it was a good touch, the first time in the hall I expect a lot of things from gymnasts with big experience like Cătălina Ponor and Amelia Racea. For the newcomer like Diana Bulimar, the small one who comes in the team, I expect it is more... and I hope to be OK in the moment of qualification."

About Ana Porgras: "She's another Ana Porgas. Looking at some picture or movie from Rotterdam, she's changed. She's a nice looking girl, she's growing and has another face, another attitude, but I hope to be smart enough to work harder than before to keep her level, especially on beam, and I hope to also be good on floor and bars."

Videos from Gymnastike.org:

Here you can see some pictures by Brigid McCarthy.
Posted on Oct 03 2011.

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The Romanian Team is off to Japan

The Romanian Women gymnastics team received a blow before the World Championships in Japan.

Sandra Izbaşa didn't left to Tokyo, where the World Championships will be held between 7th - 16th of October, accusing pain in her right foot, the same leg she suffered a serious Achilles tendon injury in 2009.

In her absence, our team will be composed of Ana Porgras, Cătălina Ponor, Diana Chelaru, Amelia Racea, Raluca Haidu, Diana Bulimar and Daniela Andrei.

Posted on Sep 30 2011.

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Videos from Lileshall - first day

Posted on Sep 20 2011.

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GBR, ROM and POR final rehearsal for Tokyo

Away from the public eye, in the seclusion of the Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Shropshire, the British and the Romanian women’s teams along with two guests from Portugal had a three-day training camp followed by friendly competition on Saturday, 17th and Sunday, 18th September.

Led by the triple World Champion on bars Beth Tweddle the British won the team event 1.55pts ahead of their guests (229.45:227.90). The current British Champion Hannah Whelan scored highest in the all-around (57.95), followed by the Romanians Amelia Racea (57.30) and Ana Porgras (57.05).

In the Sunday’s apparatus finals Tweddle won the bars (15.325) and the floor (14.950) with another set of fluent performances, while Raluca Haidu (ROM) was best on vault (14.725) and Ana Porgras (ROM) - on beam (15.250).

Octavian Bellu, Head Coach of Romania:

This was a very useful competition for us. Everybody is now looking forward to the World Championships in Tokyo and it was good to check the level of our preparation, to see what the judging standards and criteria are, so that in the remaining ten days we can do some adjustment to our exercises and then, hopefully, compete well in Tokyo. We are, of course, aiming to qualify a full team for London 2012, but the results in Japan are not our prime target; we take these World Championships only as a stage of our preparation for London 2012.

On Catalina Ponor, triple gold medallist from Athens 2004, who performed three routines out of contest, he stated:
She returned to competition 4 years after she had retired and in 6 months only she achieved a spectacular come back to form. I believe that she will continue improving, so that she is at her best next year in London”.

Adrian Stan, BG Technical Director for women:

“That was a very positive event for us and a milestone in our preparation for the Tokyo World Championships. Everybody in the team is in a very good mood, contained, calm and ready to go.
The results in this competition were a bit unexpected for us! What we hope now is to deliver the same level of performance in Tokyo and to end the Competition I in a position better than the 8th.
(I.e. the top 8 teams in Tokyo will qualify automatically for London 2012).”

Source: www.british-gymnastics.org


1. Great Britain 229.450
2. Romania 227.900

1. Hannah Whelan 57.950
2. Amelia Racea 57.30
3. Ana Porgras 57.050

1. Raluca Haidu 14.725
2. Amelia Racea

Uneven Bars
1. Beth Tweddle 15.325
2. Raluca Haidu

Balance Beam
1. Ana Porgras 15.250
2. Danusia Francis 14.750
3. Diana Bulimar
3. Hannah Wheelan

1. Beth Tweddle 14.950
2. Diana Bulimar
3. Diana Chelaru
Posted on Sep 20 2011.

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Ana & Amelia on Medal Factory

Montage from Romanian Nationals

Posted on Sep 20 2011.

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GER-SUI-ROU Results and Videos

ERZINGEN, 10th of September 2011.

1. Romania 229.250
2. Germany 224.100
3. Switzerland 206.450

The Romanian Team: Amelia Racea, Daniela Andrei, Diana Bulimar, Raluca Haidu, Sandra Izbașa and Ana Porgras.
Cătălina Ponor competed also but unoficially.

AA Results:
1. Ana Porgras 58.100
2. Amelia Racea 56.950
3. Diana Bulimar 56.350
4. Raluca Haidu 56.300
5. Nadine Jarosch 55.950
6. Daniela Andrei 55.500

For details click here: Team Results, AA Results

Warming up on bars:

Posted on Sep 20 2011.

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go αnα!

Montage by RomaniaGymLovers
Posted on Sep 20 2011.

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Posted on Sep 20 2011.

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2 more Gold Medals for Ana

Event Finals Results:

1. Cătălina Ponor 14.550 (D 5.3)
2. Raluca Haidu 14.500 (D 5.8)
3. Amelia Racea 14.400 (D 5.8)
4. Ana Porgras 14.025 (D 5.0)
5. Gabriela Drăgoi 13.750 (D 5.0)
6. Diana Bulimar 13.600 (D 4.8)
6. Daniela Andrei 13.600 (D 5.0)
8. Maria Balea 13.400 (D 4.6)

Uneven Bars
1. Amelia Racea 14.595
2. Raluca Haidu 14.325
3. Diana Trenca 14.000
4. Ana Porgras 13.975
5. Diana Bulimar 13.925
6. Gabriela Drăgoi 13.775
7. Daniela Andrei 13.400
8. Maria Balea 10.975

Balance Beam
1. Ana Porgras 15.775
1. Cătălina Ponor 15.775
3. Amelia Racea 15.100
4. Gabriela Drăgoi 14.250
5. Diana Trenca 14.150
6. Diana Bulimar 14.000
7. Daniela Andrei 13.850
8. Raluca Haidu 13.325

1. Ana Porgras 14.950
2. Cătălina Ponor 14.800
3. Diana Bulimar 14.775
4. Raluca Haidu 14.400
4. Amelia Racea 14.400
6. Daniela Andrei 14.250
7. Diana Trenca 13.150

Posted on Sep 20 2011.

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Ana Porgras, the Romanian AA Champion

Ana's scores were: 13.975 (D 5.0) on vault, 14.200 (D 6.2) on bars with a fall, 15.825 (D 6.5) on beam and 14.650 (D 5.6) on floor.

Posted on Sep 20 2011.

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